Artdaq utilities daqinterface Release Notes 30800


The major changes here are making advanced memory usage the default in DAQInterface running, and allowing the execution of a TRACE script just before start and just after stop


artdaq_utilities_daqinterface version:"v3_08_00"

New features:

Issue #23979: advanced memory usage is now set to "true" in the example settings file and the simple_test_configs have been modified accordingly
Issue #24129: add support for the execution of a TRACE script just before start and just after stop

Bug fixes and Improvements:

Issue #24113: fix a bug where when DAQInterface sent messages to MessageViewer they always appeared at the "Info" severity level, even if this wasn't the case
Issue #24105: fix a bug in which DAQInterface wasn't able to distinguish the timestamps of run records for consecutive runs which were performed off of start-stop-starts (as opposed to config-starts)
Issue #24155: fix insufficient memory allocation in advanced memory usage when small fragments were used, while still avoiding the use of excessive memory
Issue #24189: allow users to prepend arbitrary commands prior to boardreader launch

Operational changes:

If you were using advanced memory usage prior to this release, you'll want to modify your FHiCL configs as the presence of max_event_size_bytes in any FHiCL documents when advanced memory usage is true is now explicitly disallowed, as DAQInterface will calculate this itself