Artdaq utilities daqinterface Release Notes 30700


Numerous changes - some of them non-backwards-compatible - which are described below.


artdaq_utilities_daqinterface version:"v3_07_00"

New features:

  • Changed default process management method from "pmt" to "direct"
  • Treat the inability to write a run record (e.g., because of directory permissions) as an error rather than merely printing a warning
  • Issue #23146: users can call a function "artdaq_process_info" which causes DAQInterface to print out info about each artdaq process
  • Issue #22994: for each transition, users can define a unique relative order in which the artdaq processes receive the transition in question
  • Issue #23477: if a logfile's output directory doesn't exist, DAQInterface creates it and provides group write access
  • Issue #23286: users can provide DAQInterface with a boot file in FHiCL format rather than standard format
  • Issue #22806: DAQInterface calls no-op hook functions which users can override with their own experiment-specific code
  • Issue #23147: requires you to run DAQInterface on the same node as was originally used if you don't add the "--nostrict" option
  • Issue #23426: all configs in simple_test_config have been updated with ArtdaqSharedMemoryService, used by the new artdaq v3_07_00

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Issue #23564: DAQInterface waits a bit longer for logfiles to appear on boot before throwing an exception
  • Issue #22372: created, which cleans up stale memory blocks for a given partition, and which DAQInterface always calls on boot
  • Issue #23404: if there's an XML-RPC connection issue between nodes, DAQInterface's output messages make it clearer that that's the problem
  • Issue #22089: DAQinterface no longer requires the DAQ installation to have artdaq_mfextensions available for users to be able to override MessageFacility FHiCL
  • Issue #23403: if ssh requires a user's password, instead of hanging, DAQInterface will throw an exception explaining the problem after 30 seconds
  • Issue #23318: DAQInterface checks that each artdaq process has a corresponding logfile and throws an exception if this isn't the case
  • Issue #23431: fixed a bug in private network bookkeeping which appeared when the database, rather than a local directory, was used as the source of configurations

Operational changes:

  • By default, process management method will be direct instead of based on artdaq_mpich_plugin's pmt.rb
  • If you're using an artdaq older than v3_07_00, the configs in simple_test_config won't work for you since they've had ArtdaqSharedMemoryService added
  • DAQInterface will put itself back in the "Stopped" state if it's unable to save a run record, or if it discovers that a given artdaq process doesn't have a corresponding logfile