Artdaq utilities daqinterface Release Notes 30601


Various not-super-common use cases came up in experiments which DAQInterface v3_06_00 couldn't handle but DAQInterface v3_06_01 can


artdaq_utilities_daqinterface version:"v3_06_01"

New features:

  • Issue #22197: Can now execute "DAQInterface --help" for overview of most-important DAQInterface environment variables
  • Issue #23137: DAQInterface will refuse to use a configuration which has been masked off in the artdaq_database

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Issue #22785: DAQInterface now able to locate logfiles for artdaq processes whose host is given as -priv in the boot file
  • Issue #23015: In direct process management mode, DAQInterface no longer wipes out artdaq processes across all partitions when sent a terminate transition
  • Issue #23260: When creating boot.fcl to be saved in the database run archive, DAQInterface can now handle default values from the boot.txt file

Operational changes:

  • Write permission removed from the run record, so it's much harder to accidentally edit
  • DAQInterface --help now available
  • If DAQINTERFACE_DISABLE_BOOKKEEPING is set, then DAQInterface won't do any bookkeeping; a useful tool for developers