Artdaq utilities daqinterface Release Notes 30600


Allow for multiple parent subsystems; let users specify the cores artdaq processes run on; allow for use of DFO processes


artdaq_utilities_daqinterface version:"v3_06_00"

New features:

  • Issue #22255: add bookkeeping logic so DAQInterface can handle a DFO process
  • Issue #22258: Give users the option of specifying which subset of cores they want artdaq processes to run on
  • Issue #22388: A subsystem can have more than one parent subsystem

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Issue #22278: eliminated a bug where if a partition was run on for the first time, the first 10 lines of DAQInterface output disappeared
  • Issue #22777: add additional information about the code used during the run to metadata.txt
  • Issue #22924: excessive FHiCL verbosity due to O(N^2) scaling of host_map FHiCL printouts has been removed and replaced with O(N) scaling
  • Issue #22980: if users try running one of the scripts (e.g., without having sourced the DAQInterface environment, a helpful warning message is printed

Operational changes:

Changes are backwards compatible with v3_05_00. However, users can give a subsystem more than one parent subsystem, and can specify the cores that they want artdaq processes to run on