Artdaq utilities daqinterface Release Notes 30401


DAQInterface process management is more controllable and robust; a bug writing the run record to the database was fixed; firstLoggerRank gets bookkept (Kurt's request)


artdaq_utilities_daqinterface version:"v3_04_01"

New features:

  • Issue #22061: DAQInterface has a default set of well thought out, but still overridable, rules as to when a process death/error state should cause the end of run when DAQINTERFACE_PROCESS_MANAGEMENT_METHOD is set to "direct"
  • Issue #22129: firstLoggerRank gets book kept so in FHiCL its set to the lowest rank out of the logging processes

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Issue #21919: if a process dies or enters the error state during boot or config, DAQInterface doesn't allow you to start a run
  • Issue #22146: if, while in the running state, DAQInterface is sent a Ctrl-c, or its terminal is closed, it will gracefully shut down - i.e., the output root file will be closed
  • Issue #22194: fix a bug which was preventing the run record from being saved to the database

Operational changes:

The user experience is backwards compatible with v3_04_00; however, they now have the option of deciding which processes will end a run (Issue #22061)