artdaq_utilities Release Notes v1_02_00


This version of artdaq_utilities is for use with artdaq v2_02_00.
An "interface qualifier" has been added: a_u_intf_v1. This is to help manage the "current" chain to be sure that the plugins are compatible with artdaq-utilities.


External Package Changes

  • TRACE v3_07_01. This version of TRACE does not have qualifiers.
  • Please see the associated artdaq_core Release Notes for additional External Package details

artdaq_utilities v1_02_00

New features:

  • none

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #15710: MetricManager race condition

Operational changes:

  • artdaq_utilities has an additional qualifier, a_u_intf_v1. This qualifier will change when the MetricPlugin interface changes. This will ensure that the metric plugins are compatible with the "current" chain of artdaq_utilities.

Known issues:

  • none