artdaq_utilities Release Notes v1_00_08


This version of artdaq_utilities is for use with artdaq v1_13_01. It includes the GUI components of the artdaq_database configuration editor.


External Package Changes

  • Please see the associated artdaq_core Release Notes for External Package details

artdaq_utilities v1_00_08

New features:

  • Added template for serverbase.js modules
  • Feature #13679: Show artdaq-utilities version information in node.js pages
  • Idea #13682: Graphical interface for viewing data flow through an ARTDAQ system (in development)
  • Feature #13683: Allow to do a "trade-off" test

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #13680: Graphite metric plugin does not reconnect
  • Many updates to DB GUI Editor.

Operational changes:

  • Updated JQWidgets

Known issues:

  • none