This plugin sends metric data to Performance Co-Pilot using the MMV PCP daemon. Performance Co-Pilot is included in the main Scientific Linux repositories, and is a more modern replacement for Ganglia.


Example FhiCL configuration code is provided at $ARTDAQ_PCP_MMV_PLUGIN_DIR/fcl/pcpmmv.fcl:

daq.metrics.pcpmmv: { # Can be named anything.
                       # If you're using multiple instances of the PCP-MMV plugin, they must have unique names
  # Metric Plugin Configuration (Common to all ARTDAQ Metric Plugins)
  level: 0 # Integer, verbosity level of metrics that will be recorded by this plugin. 
           # 0 is minimum amount, maximum is implementation-defined.
  metricPluginType: "pcpmmv" # Must be "pcpmmv" for the plugin to be loaded
  reporting_interval: 15.0 # Double value, the frequency in seconds that the plugin sends out metrics

Release Notes

  • Release Notes 1.00.06 (23-Oct-2020) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_08] -- product_deps change, s97 and s102 added
  • Release Notes 1.00.05a (14-Aug-2020) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_07] -- product_deps change, s100 and e20 added
  • Release Notes 1.00.05 (24-Jul-2020) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_06] -- product_deps change, clang-tidy improvements
  • Release Notes 1.00.04 (23-Mar-2020) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_05] -- product_deps change
  • Release Notes 1.00.03 (07-Feb-2020) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_04] -- product_deps change
  • Release Notes 1.00.02 (21-Nov-2019) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_03] -- product_deps change
  • Release Notes 1.00.01 (08-Oct-2019) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_02] -- product_deps change
  • Release Notes 1.00.00b (24-Sep-2019) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_01] -- product_deps change
  • Release Notes 1.00.00a (25-Jul-2019) [artdaq_utilities v1_05_00] -- product_deps change
  • Release Notes 1.00.00 (30-Apr-2019) [artdaq_utilities v1_04_11]