The artdaq_epics_plugin UPS product sends metrics through ChannelAccess to any listening IOC.
The plugin itself only takes two configuration values (in addition to the common configuration values for all artdaq metric plugins):

  1. channel_name_prefix: pvNames for the plugin will be of the form prefix:name
  1. unique_channel_names: The EPICS plugin will try to make unique pvNames using the process PID

However, this only configures the SENDING of metrics, to get them fully into EPICS, the IOC database must also be configured to accept them.
A very basic example:

record(ai, "artdaq:Board 1 Fragment Rate")
    field(DESC, "Board 1 Fragment Rate")
record(ai, "artdaq:Board 1 Fragment Count")
    field(DESC, "Board 1 Fragment Count")

The EPICS plugin will send warning messages the first time it tries to send a value to a channel which is not defined in the listening IOC. It will not attempt to send metrics to that channel for the remainder of the run.

Release Notes

  • Release Notes 1.02.14 (14-Aug-2020) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_05_07, s100 and e20 support added
  • Release Notes 1.02.13 (24-Jul-2020) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_05_06, clang-tidy improvements
  • Release Notes 1.02.12 (23-Mar-2020) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_05_05, mf::Log* replaced with TLOG
  • Release Notes 1.02.11 (07-Feb-2020) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_05_04
  • Release Notes 1.02.10 (21-Nov-2019) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_05_03
  • Release Notes 1.02.09 (08-Oct-2019) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_05_02, .clang-format updated
  • Release Notes 1.02.08a (24-Sep-2019) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_05_01, s83 and s85 qualifiers added
  • Release Notes 1.02.08 (25-Jul-2019) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_05_00
  • Release Notes 1.02.07 (30-Apr-2019) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_11, epics updated to v3_16_2
  • Release Notes 1.02.06a (06-Mar-2019) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_10
  • Release Notes 1.02.06 (01-Feb-2019) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_09
  • Release Notes 1.02.05b (27-Sep-2018) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_08
  • Release Notes 1.02.05a (07-June-2018) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_07
  • Release Notes 1.02.05 (07-May-2018) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_06, API update (added parameter to constructor needed by base class)
  • Release Notes 1.02.04 (16-Apr-2018) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_05, epics updated to v3_16_1c
  • Release Notes 1.02.03 (20-Feb-2018) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_03, epics updated to v3_16_1a
  • Release Notes 1.02.02 (06-Feb-2018) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_02
  • Release Notes 1.02.01 (26-Jan-2018) -- artdaq_utilities updated to v1_04_01
  • Release Notes 1.01.08a (4-Aug-2017) [artdaq_utilities a_u_intf_v1 current; epics v3_15_5] -- product_deps change for s50.
  • Release Notes 1.01.08 (22-May-2017) [artdaq_utilities a_u_intf_v1 current; epics v3_15_5]
  • Version 1.01.07 (10-Mar-2017) Added e14 qualifier to supported qualifier sets.
  • Release Notes 1.01.06 (02-Mar-2017) [artdaq_utilities a_u_intf_v1 current; epics v3_15_5]
  • Version 1.01.05 (10-Feb-2017) [artdaq_utilities current; epics v3_15_4] **artdaq-utilities version change only
  • Release Notes 1.01.04 (13-Jan-2017) [artdaq_utilities v1_01_00; epics v3_15_4]
  • Release Notes 1.01.03 (08-Nov-2016) [artdaq_utilities v1_00_10; epics v3_15_4]
  • Release Notes 1.01.02 (21-Sep-2016) [artdaq_utilities v1_00_09; epics v3_15_4]
  • Release Notes 1.01.01 (25-Aug-2016) [artdaq_utilities v1_00_08; epics v3_15_4]
  • Release Notes 1.01.00 (17-Jun-2016) [artdaq_utilities v1_00_07; epics v3_15_4]
  • Release Notes 1.0.4 (04-May-2016) [artdaq_utilities v1_00_06; epics v3_15_2]