Changing and adding artdaq configurations with WebConfigEditor.

This page provides instructions for viewing and editing configuration parameters of the artdaq system running on <daqhost> Artdaq configurations are stored in the online configuration database, which is accessible from the command line and web interfaces. This page describes how to view and edit artdaq configurations using the web interface, also known as the web config editor. The web config editor is a nodejs application that is running on the localhost:8880 of <daqhost>, and hence it is not directly accessible from the Internet. To access the web config editor users can either launch a web browser directly on <daqhost> or port-forward a connection over ssh and launch a web browser locally on their's laptop or desktop. The latter is a preferred option and the command is

ssh -L 8880: <daqhost> 
The ssh session creates the needed port-forwarding and users can access the web config editor from the localhost.

Point your web browser to http://localhost:8880/db/client.html