Running the Run Control GUI

In principle this Run Control should be able to run with any artDAQ project, however we have only tested it with SBNDAQ (

Start up the app

1. Source a working version of SBNDAQ:
Using a locally built version run:
source ./

otherwise source the /software/products and setup sbndaq, but this is something not thoroughly tried out.

2. Go to the directory with the executable or setup artdaq_runcontrol_gui from /software/products_dev (note the _dev)
cd PATH_TO/artdaq-runcontrol-gui/build_dir/bin

3. Start up the app, just run

drop ./ if using the version from /software/products_dev/

This should open two windows, one with the various buttons to start up a run and another showing the transitions.

Use of the GUI

Hopefully using the GUI will be fool proof and intuitive... in the meanwhile, step by step instructions for the clicking part:

  1. Click on Start DAQInterface
  2. Click on Load Components and Load Configurations
  3. Click on the various components and configurations that are displayed on the lists. If none is visible, most likely there was an error sourcing the sbndaq project
  4. Click BOOT and wait until it has finished
  5. Click CONFIGURATE and wait until it has finished
  6. Click START and get data

To stop click STOP, from there you can restart with START using the same options as before or finish altogether with TERMINATE.

Note: BOOT_CONFIG is currently broken, there's an issue logged to fix it.