Installation of the Run Control

I'll possibly update these instructions if I move the installation to be more in line with MRB setup, but until then this works fine.

For building and installing start up at number 4.

1. Login to the desired machine using your own account.


2. Setup the development products area.

source /daq/software/products_dev/setup

3. Setup the version of the run control we are based. To see a list of the different available versions, use

ups list -aK+ artdaq_runcontrol_gui

It's recommended you use the latest available version, currently v0_00_03 with e17:prof as the qualifiers.
To set up, use:
setup artdaq_runcontrol_gui v0_00_03 -q e17:prof

If you just want to run, that's it!

Just follow onto the running instructions (

But, if you need to build/install, then skip the previous instructions and do:

4. Clone and build the necessary repository:

mkdir runcontrol
cd runcontrol
git clone ssh://

5. To build, do:
-- all the steps together for copy/paste convenience ;) --

source /software/products/setup
mkdir -p build_dir
cd build_dir
source ../artdaq-runcontrol-gui/ups/setup_for_development -p
buildtool  -c
cd bin

Here you can find the exec: artdaqRunControl. Proceed to the running instructions (

6. To rebuild, honestly is just better to do a clean build following the previous instructions.