artdaq_demo Release Notes v3_08_00 (23-Mar-2020)


This version of artdaq_demo accompanies artdaq v3_08_00 and contains code that can be used to demonstrate simple artdaq configurations.
This version of artdaq_demo supports the following qualifier combinations: s67-e15 s67-e17 s67-c2 s73-e17 s73-c2 s82-e17 s82-e19 s82-c2 s82-c7 s83-e17 s83-e19 s83-c2 s83-c7 s85-e17 s85-c2 s87-e17 s87-e19 s87-c2 s87-c7 s92-e17 s92-e19 s92-c2 s92-c7 s94-e19 s94-e19-py2 s94-c7 s94-c7-py2 s96-e19 s96-e19-py2 s96-c7 s96-c7-py2


artdaq_demo version:"v3_08_00"

New features:

  • Feature #22154: Support combining DataFragment (serialized art Event) with other Fragments
  • Feature #24145: Add timestamp tracking to AsciiSimulator
  • Feature #24082: Separate Fragment Type <-> Name facility from SharedMemoryReader

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • none

Operational changes:

  • none

Dependent Package Notes

  • artdaq v3_08_00
  • artdaq_core_demo v1_06_20