artdaq_demo Release Notes v3_04_00 (06-Mar-2019)


This version of artdaq_demo accompanies artdaq v3_04_00 and contains code that can be used to demonstrate simple artdaq configurations.
This version of artdaq_demo supports the following qualifier combinations: s65-e15 s65-c2 s67-e15 s67-e17 s67-c2 s73-e17 s73-c2


artdaq_demo version:"v3_04_00"

New features:

  • Feature #21801: Automatic mode for run_demo
  • Feature #21802: Allow specification of boardreaders list in run_demo
  • Support #20889: Support the running of multiple demo systems by multiple users on a single host

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Bug #21869: Data can persist in TransferPlugins between runs (stop/start transitions)
  • Bug #21897: One event per subrun appears to fail if a fragment generator in Buffer mode is added

Operational changes:

  • none

Dependent Package Notes

  • artdaq v3_04_00
  • artdaq_core_demo v1_06_13