artdaq_demo Release Notes 2.10.00 (01-Jun-2017)


artdaq_demo is a pedagogical tool that demonstrates the capabilities of the artdaq system. It is also currently used by many experiments as the basis for their own experiment-specific artdaq repositories.

Note that development release v2_09_03 contained most of the significant changes for this version of artdaq_demo. Issues documented here have been resolved between the v2_09_03 tag and the v2_10_00 tag.


External Package Changes

artdaq_demo v2_10_00

New features:

  • Feature #16742: Use DAQInterface for running artdaq_demo
  • Added fcl configuration file for running stand-alone WFViewer jobs
  • Feature #16705: Add Git commit information to BuildInfo classes

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #15870: Issue with ToySimulator's distribution_type 0 on e14
  • Bug #9817: gcc 4_9_2 "internal compiler error" -- memory issue. => Not entirely resolved. Added minimum requirements to wiki page. Observed building correctly with 2 GB of RAM, error at 1.5 GB.
  • Bug #7246: Passing --file-events on init results in extra TOY2 Event in subrun 1 => Is no longer an issue (probably resolved ca. artdaq_demo v2_09_00).

Operational changes:

  • none

Known issues:

  • none