artdaq_demo Release Notes 2.09.02 (10-Mar-2017)


artdaq_demo is a pedagogical tool that demonstrates the capabilities of the artdaq system. It is also currently used by many experiments as the basis for their own experiment-specific artdaq repositories.


External Package Changes

artdaq_demo v2_09_02

New features:

  • Feature #15766: Add the ability to automatically use of artdaq products from CVMFS, if available
  • Feature #15768: Add the ability for the user to specify an extra UPS products area on the command line?
  • Feature #15838: Include fcl configurations for testing driver functionality

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #15767: uses the default qualifiers from the latest product_deps rather than the tagged version
  • Bug #15839: Fix ASCIISimulator example

Operational changes:

  • Default qualifier has been changed to e10:s41. The eth qualifier is implied by this qualifier combination.
  • Support #15837: Remove #pragma gcc diagnostic ignored
  • Support #15840: Explicitly set the compressionLevel for root output modules

Known issues:

  • none