artdaq_demo Release Notes 2.08.02 (26-Aug-2016)


This version of artdaq_demo is the first formally-documented release. (Features, Bug Fixes, and Operational changes will be relative to previous repository tag.)

artdaq_demo is a pedagogical tool that demonstrates the capabilities of the artdaq system. It is also currently used by many experiments as the basis for their own experiment-specific artdaq repositories.


External Package Changes

artdaq_demo version:"v2_08_02"

New features:

  • CheckIntegrity plugin for the ToyHardwareInterface's "monotonic" distribution
  • Time tracking in ToyHardwareInterface
  • Fragment Timestamps in ToySimualtor_generator (part of triggeredReceiver example changes)
  • Feature #13697: triggeredReceiver example for artdaq-demo
  • Feature #13698: DemoControl should support per-BoardReader fhicl configuration

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #12600: Contents of ToySimulator.fcl get clobbered in DemoControl.rb

Operational changes:

  • Feature #13698 should be of interest to those writing manage* scripts or using DemoControl.rb

Known issues:

  • none