Notes for Lariat 2-18-14 meeting

In order to start a Lariat repository, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Follow the instructions found in Installing and building the demo, but use the argument "--tag=experiments" when running the script
  2. Run the following:
    ./artdaq-demo/tools/rename.rb <new_package_name> <new_namespace_name>

    where <new_package_name> is the name to replace "artdaq-demo", and <new_namespace_name> replaces the "demo::" namespace (though omit the double colon, unlike here)
  3. Source the new setup<dirname> file, where dirname will be in all caps
  4. Perform a clean build, and make sure it works
    buildtool -c
  5. Strip the artdaq-demo git history
    cd <new_package_name> ; rm -rf .git/
  6. Edit the ups/product_deps file to reflect the version you want your package to start out at (i.e., replace artdaq-demo's vxx_yy_zz with your own version)
  7. Re-initialize this directory as a git repository.
    git init 
  8. Get all files trackable by git
    git add .
  9. And create a commit
    git commit