artdaq_demo_hdf5 is a plugin-based HDF5 output module for artdaq (test implementations use ToyFragment for demonstration purposes).

Release Notes

  • Release Notes 1.01.04 (01-Mar-2021) [artdaq v3_09_05; hdf5 v1_12_0a] -- Added s105 and s106 support, remove old art support (#25540)
  • Release Notes 1.01.03 (08-Jan-2021) [artdaq v3_09_04; hdf5 v1_12_0a] -- Added s104 and GCOV CMake support
  • Release Notes 1.01.02 (30-Nov-2020) [artdaq v3_09_03; hdf5 v1_12_0a] -- Added s103 support
  • Release Notes 1.01.01 (23-Oct-2020) [artdaq v3_09_02; hdf5 v1_12_0a] -- Ran clang-tidy and updated Doxygen
  • Release Notes 1.01.00a (24-Jul-2020) [artdaq v3_09_01; hdf5 v1_12_0a] -- Added e20 and s100 support
  • Release Notes 1.01.00 (24-Jul-2020) [artdaq v3_09_00; hdf5 v1_10_03a]
  • Release Notes 1.00.00 (23-Mar-2020) [artdaq_demo v3_08_00; hdf5 v1_10_03a]