Building the artdaq-demo package


These steps assume that you have already installed the artdaq-demo packages using the steps listed on the Installing the demo page.

Building the artdaq-demo software

Once you've installed the artdaq-demo, you may want to rebuild it and/or the packages on which it depends after modifying the source code. In order to do this, if we assume you installed artdaq-demo in the directory called BASE_DIR, you can do the following:

To build the artdaq-demo code, please use the following steps:
  1. log into the test system where you installed the artdaq-demo
  2. switch to the bash shell
  3. cd to the BASE_DIR
  4. Run
    source setupARTDAQDEMO

    Make sure there are no error messages, i.e., that in the output from the source of setupARTDAQDEMO you see:
    ----------- check this block for errors -----------------------

    ...although if you see messages which begin with INFO: no optional setup, these aren't indicative of a problem.
  5. Finally, run the following command:
    mrb b  # "b" is for "build"

mrb is an improvement on previous build techniques in that it will perform compilation across packages when necessary in one stroke - e.g., if both artdaq-core-demo and artdaq-demo have been modified, "mrb b" will rebuild both packages without the user having to worry about first building artdaq-core-demo and then artdaq-demo. "mrb b" is essentially the only mrb command you'd need to know, but for further details you can take a look at the following page from the mrb Redmine wiki:

Next steps

After you have built the artdaq-demo package, you can proceed to Running a sample artdaq-demo system.