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Kyle Knoepfel, 02/19/2019 03:59 PM


The art_root_io package contains utilities for interacting with ROOT from within an art module, service, or other kind of plugin. Some of the provided facilities include:

  • RootOutput, an art output module that persists data products to ROOT files (hereafter art/ROOT files),
  • RootInput, an art input source that can read the art/ROOT files, and
  • TFileService, an art service that provides a simple interface for making ROOT objects, and persisting them to a bare ROOT file in an organized fashion.

Although not a member of the art suite, it is included as a member of the critic suite. The UPS product can be setup by itself, or it can be setup through the critic umbrella UPS product.

 I/O handling

Output-file handling

Data products and ROOT dictionaries

 Release notes