art_root_io series 1.04

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 New features

RootOutput file-pattern override

If file-switching has been enabled, the output filename pattern must have a '%#' format specifier by default. This ensures that an output file will never be overwritten for a given job execution. For some workflows, this restriction is unnecessary if the user can guarantee that the specified filename pattern will create distinct output files.

This release introduces the 'checkFileName' parameter, which allows a user to disable the check. Specifically, If 'checkFileName' is set to 'false', then the '%#' is not required even if file-switching has been enabled. In this processing mode, it is the user's responsibility to supply a filename pattern that will not result in output-file overwriting. (Resolves feature #24543.)

 Platform/compiler support changes

Only SL7 is supported with this series--macOS and SLF6 support have been discontinued. This is also the first series to support GCC 9.3 with C++17 enabled (e20 primary qualifier).

 Breaking changes

Python 2 is no longer supported with this series--users who rely on Python must upgrade their scripts to Python 3.

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