art_root_io suite release notes 1.02.01 (2020/02/10)

 External package changes

Package art_root_io 1.02.00 (previous) art_root_io 1.02.01 (this version) Notes
root v6_18_04c v6_18_04d

 Bug fixes

  • Bug #23797 (art_root_io): A fatal dictionary error is now appropriate caught by the dictionary-checking system.
  • Bug #23939 (art_root_io): ROOT's Clang interpreter exception safety has been improved.
  • Bug #23940 (art_root_io): Dictionaries are now only required for products that are readable from an input source.
  • Bug #23808 (canvas_root_io): A dictionary-parsing error has been fixed by ROOT

 Dependent packages