art_root_io suite release notes 1.01.04 (2019/10/23)

 External package changes

Package art_root_io 1.01.03 (previous) art_root_io 1.01.04 (this version) Notes
root v6_18_04 v6_18_04b Fixes memory growth error while reading artdaq::Fragment products

 Bug fixes

  • Bug #23075 (art_root_io): A templating error was fixed in one of the TFileDirectory::makeAndRegister overloads.
  • Bug #23294 (art_root_io): An XRootD URL may now be specified as an input file name for the product_sizes_dumper utility.
  • Bug #23465 (art_root_io): More than 1000 FileCatalogMetadata entries may now be written to an art/ROOT file without triggering a nested transaction SQLite error.

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