art series 3.06

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 New features

 Platform/compiler support changes

Only SL7 is supported with this series--macOS and SLF6 support have been discontinued. This is also the first series to support GCC 9.3 with C++17 enabled (e20 primary qualifier).

 Breaking changes

  • Python 2 is no longer supported with this series--users who rely on Python must upgrade their scripts to Python 3.
  • This release also removes support for the deprecated --memcheck program option as memory usage is already printed in the art-job summary. The --memcheck-db program option is still supported.
  • The `doPrint` virtual member function has been added to the art::SelectorBase interface. Anyone creating custom selectors should read the documentation in art/Framework/Principal/SelectorBase.h and override the function in their derived class.

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