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This series is for experiments and projects that have not yet upgraded to art 3 but have requested some new features.

 New features

Improvements in memory and CPU usage

Changes have been made to art's interactions with ROOT and additional configuration options have been added that can result in significant memory and CPU efficiency improvements. In particular, it is now possible to disable specific persisted metadata to reduce the memory usage. For guidance as to how this can be done, please contact .

SamplingInput source

It is occasionally desirable to process events from multiple input datasets, according to predefined sampling weights. This is now possible with the SamplingInput source. Type 'art --print-description SamplingInput' to see the supported configuration. For full documentation, see here. (Resolves feature #21229.)

 Breaking changes

CET_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable

Due to various build-system developments, the environment variable now used for loading plugins is CET_PLUGIN_PATH, which is a colon-delimited list of directories where art-specific plugin libraries reside. Users of cetbuildtools/mrb need not make any changes to their build environment for loading art plugins. Those who do not use cetbuildtools will need to set the CET_PLUGIN_PATH explicitly.

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