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New art suite package

The canvas_root_io package has been introduced as a product dependency between art and canvas. Users who setup art via UPS will automatically setup canvas_root_io and all transitive product dependencies. The canvas_root_io package was introduced to separate core framework functionality into canvas from dependencies on ROOT necessary for providing persistence of data products.

The direct effect on users is minimal; see the list of breaking changes to see how you might be affected.

 New features

Compact event ranges

When art reads an art/ROOT file that was produced with a version earlier than 2.01.00, the assigned event ranges associated with processing that file can be very sparse. In such cases, the number of disjoint event ranges can become large, leading to a substantial memory/to-disk footprint. If a user knows that the SubRun being processed does not span multiple files, he/she can enable the "compact event ranges" option, collapsing the number of event ranges into one event-range per SubRun.

See feature #17801 for more details.

Other improvements

  • A more helpful error message is now given whenever users misspecify prolog sections in FHiCL documents (resolves issue #17893).

 Breaking changes

Please consult the list of breaking changes to determine if/how your code should be modified.

 Known issues

As is usual, art development occurs at a more rapid pace than the speed with which experiments and projects can migrate to newer versions of art. Because of this fact, a bug surfaced during testing of art 2.09.05 that revealed backwards incompatibilities with art versions 2.09.00 through 2.09.05 inclusive. We have removed the links to the download pages for these versions. These incompatibilities are solved with art 2.09.06. We keep the release notes for these versions for reference.

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