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The primary feature of this release is the increased flexibility of accessing Event information when performing event-mixing.

 New features

Enhanced MixFilter capabilities:

The art::MixFilter::MixDetail interface was enhanced with a new optional callout:

void processEventAuxiliaries(art::EventAuxiliarySequence const &);
where an art::EventAuxiliarySequence is a typedef of an std::vector<art::EventAuxiliary> (see source:art/Framework/IO/ProductMix/MixContainerTypes.h).
This function, if provided, will be called after art::MixFilter::MixDetail::processEventIDs() is called (if provided), and before art::MixHelper::mixAndPut() is called. It will be passed an art::EventAuxiliarySequence object containing copies of the art::EventAuxiliary objects for each of the events that will be mixed into the current event. These copies will be deleted as soon as the function returns, so the user should not retain pointers or references to them. (Resolves issue #13766.)

Improved art-summary printout

Printed numbers of processed events for analyzers and output modules now corresponds to the events that satisfy a given SelectEvents clause (resolves issue #11949).

 Breaking changes

  • As announced earlier, all deprecations listed here are no longer supported--i.e. compile-time and run-time errors will be triggered if a deprecated signature is used. Follow the guidelines listed in the aforementioned link to resolve any encountered errors.
  • The art/Ntuple SQLite facilities have been moved to cetlib/Ntuple. All related classes and functions now reside in the cet namespace.

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