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 New features

Expanded configurability of RootOutput

The options for specifying output-file switching have been enhanced. It is now possible to specify a maximum number of events, subruns, runs, and/or input files for a given output file. See the output-file handling documentation for details. Note that there are some breaking changes from art 2.01.02 to 2.02.00 for the RootOutput configuration. To glean what these are, please see the aforementioned link. For most users, it is unlikely that any configuration changes are required. (Resolves feature request #13273.)

Relaxed @protect_ignore specification

It is no longer an error to re-use the @protect_ignore: binding modifier on the same FHiCL key. This change in behavior introduces a new version of the FHiCL language: FHiCL 4. See the issue description in feature request #12877.

Support for partially validated configurations

For cases where an entire configuration cannot be subjected to validation, a DelegatedParameter class has been added in fhiclcpp. See the DelegatedParameter documentation for details.

Improved diagnostic messages for FHiCL parsing

For parse errors encountered in prolog declarations, users will now receive detailed annotations specifying the location of the error (resolves feature request #13363).

 Breaking changes

  • Various aspects of messagefacility have changed. Although this is unlikely to affect most users, please peruse the messagefacility version 1.17 release notes to determine if any action should be taken for your particular use cases.

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