SamplingInput run-time behavior

After successful initialization, the art process will continue until either:

  • The number of events processed reaches the values specified by source.maxEvents (aliased to the '-n' command-line option), or
  • One of the dataset input files has exhausted its events and is not able to provide any more when requested

Once either of these conditions is satisfied, the art program will end.

End-of-job summary

By default, an end-of-job summary is printed, which includes the total number of counts sampled from each dataset, the corresponding sample fraction, the expected sampling fraction, and the original event ID of the next available event. For the configuration above, the summary is:

The 'SamplingInput' source sampled the following events:

                     Sample   | Expected  Specified
Dataset    Counts    fraction | fraction     weight   Next event
bkgd           10    0.833333 | 0.700855       0.82   (no more available)
signal          2    0.166667 | 0.299145       0.35   run: 14 subRun: 3 event: 13
Total          12

The "(no more available)" message says that the 'bkgd' dataset was exhausted of events, gracefully ending the job and resulting in a total of 12 processed events.