Appendix I: Configuration Parameters Relevant to SAM Metadata.

There are two sorts of parameters. The first sort are those which are
inherent to this job, and apply to every output module. These parameters
are all in a ParameterSet named SAMmetadata.

In the list below, most parameters may optionally be set from the command
line (as opposed to changing the .fcl file). The command will be shown;
it always starts with "--sam-".

The other sort of SAM-relevant parameters are those particular to an output
module. Those also may be set from the command line; the syntax has the
module label in it, followed by a colon. In the commands shown, we will
assume the relevant module label is module1. Example values shown are just

Other than "process", which is an existing configuration parameter that we use
as the application name, all of these parameters are SAM-specific. And if
any SAM-specific parameter is explicitly specified, then every
SAM-specific parameter must be specified, either explicitly or by a default
value. There can be no partially complete SAM metadata sets.

An exception to the above rule: One can omit both of the web-uri
and the (sam) process-id, and still provide the remaining SAM metadata.
In that case, the two "missing" key-calue pairs will be generated,
but with distinctive moot values for both web-uri and process-id.

Parameters at the top ParameterSet level:

process               : application-name

Parameters in SAMmetadata:

    application-family  : myfamily
    application-version : myversion
    web-uri             : myweburi
    process-id          : mysamprocessid 
    # process-id is intended to be the *SAM* process ID.

Parameters are those particular to an output module module1:
    data-tier           : raw
    stream-name         : mystream

  Note:  data-tier is required (if SAM is used).  stream-name is optional,
  with the default value being the module label.  Two modules cannot share 
  the same stream-name if either uses the default value.   

On the command line: