Requirements and design discussion hub

Purpose of this page

This page is to be a central collection point for discussion of requirement issues and design issues. As decisions on the issues are reached, the related discussions should be marked as closed. It is unclear whether this wiki provides a means to enforce such closing. Write-ups of design decisions, which might include pointers to or excerpts from the discussion on these pages, should go into documents which can be uploaded to the Documents page. Source for producing those documents (in whatever form) should go into the git repository.

Catalog of issues

  1. Use of Run, SubRun and Event numbers and ids.
  2. EventProcessor state transitions: controls caching, the meaning of begin/end of run/subrun, opening and closing of files.
  3. Inter-product associations: how does one associate elements within persistent products to each other.
  4. Organization of metadata: what metadata are stored, and what is the API for access to these data, and how are they stored in our data files.
  5. Non-physics parameter handling: what do we do about configuration parameters like DebugLevel and VerbosePrintLevel?
  6. Problems with Run and SubRun objects.
  7. Specifying prerequisites for analyzers and other modules.
  8. Mixing module.
  9. SAM Interactions.
  10. Output file renaming.