art suite release notes 3.02.04 (2019/04/09)

 Bug fixes

  • The art::Source template was not propagating a user-provided event history; this has been fixed.
  • Out-of-order event processing, which was unintentionally disabled for art 3, has been restored (resolves issue #22297).
  • As art 3.02 is the first series to use CLHEP 2.4, it is susceptible to the default random-number engine change from HepJames to MixMax. This change affected which type of engine was initialized whenever the user specifies "G4Engine" as the engine type. This release restores the G4Engine to be of HepJames type. Please note that users should not call any Geant4 routines before the 'createEngine(..., "G4Engine", ...)' call has been made by the relevant module constructor.

 Known issues

As of art 3.02.00, a configured module can be constructed for an art job, even if it has not been specified in a trigger path or end path. To avoid this unnecessary construction, please enable configuration pruning at the command line: 'art --prune-config -c <my_config> ...'. This bug has been logged as issue #22407.

 Dependent packages