art suite release notes 2.11.00 (2018/03/30)

This version has a known error with the hep_concurrency version and will not be distributed.

 External package changes

Package art 2.10.04 (previous) art 2.11.00 (this version) Notes
boost v1_66_0 v1_66_0a
clhep v2_3_4_5c v2_3_4_6
cppunit v1_13_2b v1_13_2c
mysql_client v5_5_58 v5_5_58a
pythia v6_4_28j v6_4_28k
root v6_12_04e v6_12_06a This version includes a patch to allow for nested-vector
subscripting in the draw language
tbb v2018_2 v2018_2a
xrootd v4_8_0a v4_8_0b

 Bug fixes

  • Bug #19353 (art): A memory error with how some program options were being handled resulted in ill-formed configuration outputs (via --debug-config or --config-out). That memory error has been resolved.
  • Bug #19465 (art): As of art 2.09.00, ROOT branches were being created for dropped products. This is an error that has been fixed with art version 2.11.00.
  • Bug #18996 (canvas): A logic error in handling the aggregation of Run products with empty range sets has been fixed.

 Known issues

The implementation of RecursiveMutex in the hep_concurrency package was not portable for macOS. This has been fixed for art 2.11.01.

 Dependent packages