art suite release notes 2.10.00 (2018/01/22)

 External package changes

Package art 2.09.06 (previous) art 2.10.00 (this version) Notes
boost v1_65_1 v1_66_0
clang ---- v5_0_1 new c2 primary qualifier
clhep v2_3_4_5a v2_3_4_5c
cppunit v1_13_2a v1_13_2b
gcc v6_3_0 --- e14 qualifier removed from distribution
gsl --- v2_4 These packages were originally
part of the nu-qualified build of root;
they have been subsumed by the base build.
mysql_client --- v5_5_58
postgresql --- v9_6_6a
pythia --- v6_4_28j
python v2_7_14 v2_7_14b
range --- v3_0_3_0 dependency added in canvas
root v6_10_08b v6_12_04e
tbb v2018_1 v2018_2
xrootd v4_7_0 v4_8_0a

 Bug fixes

  • Bug #16192 (art): Provenance was not correctly retained when the parent of a product was dropped from an output file. This error has been resolved.
  • Bug #18738 (art): It is now possible to use art::PtrMaker to create art::Ptrs into collection types other than std::vector.

 Dependent packages