art suite release notes 2.08.03 (2017/08/30)

Although their are some improvements in usability with this release, art 2.08.03 primarily consists of bug fixes.

 Bug fixes

  • Bug #17376 (art): Incorrect schema comparisons have been fixed for SQLite database files.
  • Bug #17404 (art): It is now an error to specify a path name in trigger_paths (end_paths) if the path comprises non-modifying (modifying) modules. Note that explicitly specifying the trigger_paths and/or end_paths parameters is rarely needed.
  • Bug #17556 (art): The module-context information has been restored whenever an exception message is printed.
  • Bug #17609 (canvas): There is no longer an incorrect caching of a reference to a temporary object while constructing a smart-query object, used for Assns retrieval. This bug was unintentionally introduced with art 2.08.00.

 Dependent packages