art suite release notes 2.08.00 (2017/08/02)

 External package changes

Package art 2.07.03 (previous) art 2.08.00 (current)
boost v1_63_0b v1_64_0
root v6_08_06g v6_10_04b
tbb v2017_3c v2017_7

 Bug fixes

Notable bug fixes include:

  • Bug #10536 (art): Writing to an output art/ROOT file is now permitted if the second input file missing products wrt. the first input file.
  • Bug #16970 (art): The '%ifb' filename placeholder is now supported for TFileService.
  • Bug #17122 (art): Because of changes introduced in art 2.07.01 to the floating_point_control service, the FPU was being put into single-precision mode for macOS; this has been resolved.
  • Bug #17155 (canvas): In environments where some data product dictionaries are missing, a segmentation violation was occurring; this has been resolved.

 Known issues

This version of art introduces a configuration error when specifying -M <mf destination> program option when one of the already-configured destinations is the statistics destination. This problem is fixed for art 2.08.01.

 Dependent packages