art suite release notes 2.07.01 (2017/05/25)

 Platform/compiler support changes

  • Ubuntu 14 is no longer supported
  • Only e14 (GCC 6.3) versions are supported for the art 2.07 series

 External package changes

Package art 2.06.03 (previous) art 2.07.01 (current)
boost v1_63_0a v1_63_0b
cppunit v1_13_1c v1_13_2
fftw v3_3_6_pl1a v3_3_6_pl2
root v6_08_06d v6_08_06f

 Bug fixes

  • Bug #16035 (art): One of the internal art tests checks if the available-modules printout is sensible. This has been fixed for Darwin systems.
  • Bug #16146 (art): Graceful shutdown of art has been restored for premature completion of an art process.
  • Bug #16448 (art): art will now throw if an attempt to insert an Assns<B,A(,D)> product is inserted into the art::Event whenever an Assns<A,B(,D)> product has been declared via produces.
  • Bug #16508 (art): The ability to specify a SelectEvents clause on trigger criteria from a previous process has been restored.
  • Bug #16520 (art): An attempt to access a non-existent RootFileDB was happening for old art/ROOT data files. This error has been fixed.
  • Bugs exposed by compiling with Clang, as reported by Ben Morgan, have been addressed:
    • Bug #13000 (canvas): Correctly demangle inline namespaces when calculating the uniform type name with Clang.
    • Bug #14005 (canvas): Add compile-time logic to determine if ABI types are available for maybeCastObj the compiler being used.
    • Bug #16625 (cetlib): Various missing includes, invalid type aliases, etc. that GCC silently accepted have been fixed.

 Known issues

With this version, it was discovered that an unintentional breaking change was introduced when using the TFileService. That change is reverted in art 2.07.02.

 Dependent packages