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Kyle Knoepfel, 02/21/2017 02:27 PM

Art Suite Release Notes 2.06.01 (2017/02/08).

Platform / OS support.

Build qualifiers:

  • e10 has been restored; however, expect support to be removed with the next minor release of the suite.

Art 2.06.01.

 Breaking changes

Relocation of all installed cetlib headers

cetlib headers have been relocated from ${CETLIB_DIR}/include to ${CETLIB_FQ_DIR}/include due to the need to generate a header whose contents differ according to the compiler. The value of ${CETLIB_INC} has been adjusted accordingly, so if you are using the recommended variable for locating the headers you need do nothing, regardless of whether you are using cetbuildtools / mrb.

 Bug fixes

  • Compilation and JIT errors in interactive ROOT and dictionary code caused by inadequate detection of missing C++14 features (namely std::cbegin() and std::cend()) under e10 have been addressed.

canvas 1.06.02 (new version).

messagefacility 1.18.03 (new version).

fhicl-cpp 4.03.02 (new version).

cetlib 2.02.00 (new version).

cetlib_except 1.01.00 (in since art 2.06.00).