art suite release notes 2.06.00 (2017/02/07)

 External package changes

Package art 2.05.00 (previous) art 2.06.00 (this version)
boost v1_61_0 v1_63_0a
clhep v2_3_3_2 v2_3_4_3b
cppunit v1_12_1d v1_13_1c
fftw v3_3_4 v3_3_6_pl1
gcc v4_9_3a v6_3_0
libxml2 v2_9_3 v2_9_4b
python v2_7_11 v2_7_13b
root v6_06_08 v6_08_04c
sqlite v3_12_02_00 v3_16_02_00a
tbb v4_4_3a v2017_3c
xrootd v3_3_4e v4_5_0b

 Platform/compiler support changes

Build qualifiers

N.B. Due to a late-breaking issue, This release does not support e10. Support for e10 will be restored for subsequent releases in the 2.06.X series, but is expected to be removed permanently with the next feature release.

  • New qualifier e14: GCC 6.3.0 with "new", GCC5 ABI.
  • Qualifer e10 is deprecated: expect support to be removed with the next minor release of the suite.

OS support

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is now supported (e14 only).
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is deprecated: builds may be produced on request. Expect support to be removed with the next minor release of the suite.
  • MacOS Sierra (Darwin 16) is now supported (e14 only) provided SIP is disabled.
  • MacOS El Capitan (Darwin 15) with SIP disabled continues to be supported, as does Mac OS X Yosemite (Dawrin 14).
  • SLF6 and SL7 (X86-64 architecture) continue to be supported.

 Bug fixes

  • cetlib - Bug #12938: OpenSSL is now no longer directly linked against for macOS builds.
  • Some issues related to compiling with Clang, as reported by Ben Morgan, were addressed:
    • cetlib - Bug #13990: Clang causes errors on sqlite_stringstream default/noexcept constructor/operator.
    • cetlib - Bug #13991: Clang warning/error for literal conversion in
  • canvas - Bug #14378: Can not read association in old file.
    This problem related not to the reading of an art::Assns, but rather to the event analysis facilities to obtain the size of such collections.
  • art - Bug #14389: --tmpdir and eventdump.fcl don't get along
    Specification of the --tmpdir command line option now only adds a configuration entry for those modules and services that advertise support for same.
  • art - Bug #14430: Art v2_05_00 failed assertion.
    The assert() that is the subject of this report is erroneous in the specific case, and overly paranoid in the general. It has been removed.
  • art - Bug #14664: Ambiguous error type when getProductID fails.
    The InsertFailure error category has been split into a ProductRegistrationFailure code and a ProductPutFailure code.
  • art - Bug #14763: FindMany silently ignores associations to non-available products
  • art - Bug #14794: Event viewer crashing with "NULL run" error
  • art - Bug #15456: begin(Sub)Run() called after processEvent in some cases.
    This was a long-standing bug in the Boost state chart state machine, which was fixed by the replacement of same.

 Known issues

There is no e10 build on any platform, due to the inadvertant inclusion of some code which is not supported in GCC 4.9.3.

 Dependent packages