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Kyle Knoepfel, 10/10/2016 11:06 AM

Art Suite Release Notes 2.04.01 (2016/10/10).

Art 2.04.01.

New features:

This release includes some minor feature enhancements. In particular, a new program option can be invoked (--status-bar) that indicates the progress in loading the libraries necessary when invoking the --print-available* program options. For some experiments that have hundreds of modules, the time taken to load the information can be longer than desired. Since library-loading time within art is governed almost entirely by the implementation of dlopen/dlsym, which art does not control, we instead provide a status bar that dynamically reports to the user the progress made in loading the relevant information.

Bug fixes:

With this version of art, the SQL queries as reported in the previous release notes are installed.

  • Issue #13783: The time for writing events to a ROOT output file is now included in the "Full event" metrics in the TimeTracker service.
  • Issue #13820: It was discovered that for art 2.01.00 and later, the event display would quit if a file with only one event served as its input. The state machine was modified in this release so that a premature quit will not occur.
  • Issue #13873: The MemoryTracker report to STDOUT failed to include (by default) the largest contributors to memory usage. This has been fixed by replacing the ignoreTotal configuration parameter with maxTableLength, which represents the maximum number of rows that each summary table prints to STDOUT. The default number of rows to print is 5.

canvas 1.05.00 (in since art 2.04.00).

messagefacility 1.17.02 (in since art 2.04.00).

fhicl-cpp 4.01.00 (in since art 2.04.00).

cetlib 1.20.00 (in since art 2.04.00).