art suite release notes 2.04.00 (2016/09/14)

 External package changes

Package art 2.03.00 (previous) art 2.04.00 (this version)
clhep v2_3_2_2 v2_3_2_2
root v6_06_04b v6_06_08

 Bug fixes

  • Issue #13663: The file-renaming behavior of RootOutput and TFileService has been restored to the behavior of pre-art 2.01.00 versions--i.e. files are automatically overwritten. If users take advantage of the output-file rollover system, they are now required to supply the file sequence placeholder ('%#') somewhere in the file-name.
  • Issue #13765: RangeSet calculations performed when reading input files are now considerably faster.

 Known issues

  • The SQLite queries mentioned above have not been installed for this version. They can be accessed from the art repository in the art/tools/sqlite/{timeTracker,memoryTracker} subdirectories. These queries will be installed for the next version of art.

 Dependent packages