art suite release notes 2.03.00 (2016/08/17)

 Bug fixes

  • Issue #13446: The dependencies of one of the core header files (canvas/Persistency/Common/detail/aggregate.h) have been adjusted so that services that do not depend on ROOT no longer need to link against ROOT_CORE.
  • Issue #13564: A backwards incompatibility existed where RangeSet information for SubRun and Run products was not being properly initialized from "old" art/ROOT files, defined as files produced with art versions older than 2.01.00. The RangeSet data is used only in versions 2.01.00 and newer, so there are no problems when reading in old art/ROOT files with old art, or new art/ROOT files with new art. The problem was specifically related to reading old files with new art. This issue has been resolved, but see the documentation.

 Dependent packages