art suite release notes 2.00.01 (2016/05/16)

 External package changes

The table entries marked by "--" correspond to versions that exist in one art release but not the other.

Package art 1.18.05 (previous) art 2.00.01 (this version) Notes
cetbuildtools v4_17_01
cmake v3_2_1
gcc v4_9_3 v4_9_3a Built with --enable-libstdcxx-time=rt.
Remove support for Objective-C, Objective-C++.
boost v1_57_0a v1_61_0
clhep v2_2_0_8 v2_3_2_2
cppunit v1_12_1c v1_12_1d
gccxml v0_9_20150423 -- Removed from distribution
libxml2 v2_9_2 v2_9_3
python v2_7_10 v2_7_11
sqlite v3_08_10_02 v3_12_02_00
tbb v4_4_0 v4_4_3a
root v6_04_06 v6_06_04a

 Platform/compiler support changes

The e10 qualifier

This version of art uses a differently-compiled version of gcc v4.9.3. Although no change should be observable to the art user, a different qualifier (e10) was introduced to avoid any ambiguities.

 Bug fixes

  • Issue #11797: sam_metadata_dumper now checks if the input file is an art/ROOT file before attempting to process it.
  • Issue #11913: A JSON syntax error for SAM metadata inserted into an art/ROOT file has been fixed.
  • Issue #12062: The printing of an errant comma has been fixed whenever the ParameterSet::to_indented_string function prints a nested sequence. (Duplicates issues #12322 and #12434.)
  • Issue #12247: With ROOT6, it is required that when writing an Assns product to disk, both the Assns<A,B,D> and Assns<B,A,D> must be present. In previous ROOT6-supported art releases, a check was not performed to determine if both Assns dictionaries existed, potentially leading to a segmentation violation. This has been fixed so that a run-time error is emitted when the requisite Assns dictionaries are not present. (Also resolves feature #12347.)
  • Issue #12319: Return code handling of TSystem::Load() has been fixed in all art C++ and python code--a return valid code of 1 is now accepted.
  • Issue #12573: The semantics of the TFileService and RootOutput temporary file directories were inconsistent. The semantics have now been synchronized as have the spellings of the tmpDir parameters and art command-line options.

 Known issues

For art 2.00.01, the canvas/tools/ directory was not installed for the released distributions. This has been fixed for version 2.00.02.

 Dependent packages