Art Suite Release Notes 1.17.04 (2015/11/24).

Art 1.17.04.

New features:

  • getValidHandle provided for Run and SubRun: Users may now retrieve Run and SubRun products using
    auto p = r.getValidHandle<ProductType>( input_tag );
    which has the same semantic as Event::getValidHandle - if the product cannot be retrieved, an exception is thrown (resolved issue #10954).
  • Improved diagnostics and version checking for ROOT-dictionary handling, as implemented for ROOT 6 and back-ported to ROOT 5.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #11023: Correct default boolean value for FileDumperOutput's wantProductFullClassName FHiCL parameter.
  • Other minor fixes.

messagefacility 1.16.07 (in since art 1.17.00).

fhicl-cpp 3.12.06 (in since art 1.17.00).

cetlib 1.15.03 (in since art 1.17.00).