Art Suite Release Notes 1.15.02 (2015/08/14).

Build system changes (cetbuildtools, etc.).

The art package now uses cetbuildtools version 4.12.06. Please refer to the build system documentation for a list of changes since the last release.

Art 1.15.02.

New features:

  • Comments supported in --source-list,-S file: Users can now add comments in source list files, using the '#' syntax. Allows users to skip over undesired files. Resolves feature #1191.
  • Feature #9650: Source location for modules and services (via art --print-available-(modules|services)) is more helpful for cases when the source is external to the machine on which the library is used.
  • Feature #9659: The memory information for the first event is now stored in the optional sqlite database file.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #8891: Unexpected art thread exception thrown at end of running
  • Bug #8893: Insufficient diagnostic info for a FHiCL error
  • Bug #9641: config_dumper -P does not distinguish between files
  • Bug #9672: artdaq systems that use art v1_14_03+ seem to have difficulties producing readable data products

messagefacility 1.14.07 (in since art 1.15.00).

fhicl-cpp 3.06.01 (in since art 1.15.00).

cetlib 1.12.02 (in since art 1.15.00).

cpp0x 1.04.10 (in since art 1.14.00).