Art Suite Release Notes 1.13.02 (2015/04/22).

External package changes.

  • PostGresQL v9_3_6.
    Updated version, with bundled PsycoPG. Available in p278 and p279-qualified variants for those versions of python (the art suite setup requires python v2_7_9, as it has since 1.13.00).
  • ROOT v5_34_25a.
    nu variants built against PostGresQL v9_3_6.

Art 1.13.02.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #7006: ServiceCache/ServiceCacheEntry cause "incomplete type" errors on Clang
  • Bug #7902: Error message on event number out of range seems misleading
  • cet-is - Bug #8182: Post-processing for data-handling services / interfaces still uses "user"
  • Bug #8191: undue complaints from RootOutput
  • Bug #8257: bad(TM) memory error in EventProcessor()

messagefacility 1.14.00 (in since art 1.13.00).

fhicl-cpp 3.03.00 (in since art 1.13.00).

cetlib 1.09.00 (in since art 1.13.00).

cpp0x 1.04.09 (in since art 1.13.00).