Art Suite Release Notes 1.13.01 (2015/02/18).

External package changes.

  • Intel TBB 4.3.3a.
    Update to table file to prevent problems building packages using TBB with a system TBB installed.

Art 1.13.01.

Bug fixes:

  • The build of art now uses cetbuildtools 4.07.03 to avoid occasional failures of reference comparison during tests of the MemoryTracker service. See known issues for 1.13.00 for details.

messagefacility 1.14.00 (in since art 1.13.00).

fhicl-cpp 3.03.00 (in since art 1.13.00).

cetlib 1.09.00 (in since art 1.13.00).

cpp0x 1.04.09 (in since art 1.13.00).