Art Suite Release Notes 1.12.03 (2014/10/20).

Art 1.12.03.

New features:

  • #7172:
    • art_make, art_make_library, art_dictionary, and simple_plugin now accept USE_PRODUCT_NAME. If this variable is true, the product name will be prepended to the calculated library name.
    • In addition you may define the boolean ART_MAKE_PREPEND_PRODUCT_NAME cmake variable. If this variable is true, art_make will set USE_PRODUCT_NAME to true. You may define this variable in any CMakeLists.txt file or with, for instance, cmake -DPREPEND_PRODUCT_NAME=TRUE ...
    • Note that USE_PRODUCT_NAME and specifying an explicit library name are mutually exclusive. The macros will throw a fatal error if this occurs.
  • This release must be used with cetbuildtools v4_03_00 or later.

Known issues:

  • This initial implementation does not handle plugin names properly, and is not recommended for use by those experiments requiring the USE_PRODUCT_NAME plugin build option. Since there is no other change to the release, experiments should stay with 1.12.02 or jump to 1.12.04.

messagefacility 1.11.15 (in since art 1.12.00).

fhicl-cpp 3.01.02 (in since art 1.12.00).

cetlib 1.07.03 (in since art 1.12.00).

cpp0x 1.04.08 (in since art 1.11.02).