ART Suite Release Notes 1.08.09 (2013/10/16).

Previous version's release notes.

ART 1.08.09.

New features:

  • Issue #4649: add onlyIfPresent parameter to FileDumperOutput module configuration.
  • Issue #4525: Event Mixer.
    Available values for parameter readMode:
    • sequential (default): secondary events are mixed sequentially only.
    • randomReplace (or random for legacy reasons): random secondary event selection with replacement.
    • randomLimReplace: random secondary event selection: events will not be duplicated within a primary event.
    • randomNoReplace: random secondary event selection: events will not be duplicated.
  • Issue #4485: PtrVector needs C++11 interface.
    Also improved behavior of PtrVector and Ptr against conversion between Ptr to types having an inheritance relationship.
  • Issue #2946: SelectEvents for analyzer modules (breaking change).
    Analyzers are able to be run selectively based on which paths pass or fail using the same SelectEvents mechanism as output modules.
    All analyzers must now explicitly initialize their base class in their constructor with the incoming parameter set, e.g.:
    MyAnalyzer(fhicl::ParameterSet const & pset)
    { ... }
  • Issue #2536: FindOne / FindMany for a single input object.
    This is indirectly implemented: these classes now take optionally an std::initializer_list<Ptr<T>> in their constructor, enabling one to pass a single Ptr as { myPtr } using C++2011 initializer syntax.
  • Issue #4624: Make "trivial" file services pass through non-file URIs.
    This, along with the inclusion of ROOT v5_34_09b, should allow the use of xrootd URIs.
  • Issue #4625: Implement configurable temporary directory for in-progress output file.
    Parameter to provide to output file is tmpDir; defaults to the same directory as specified by fileName.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #4661: FileCatalogOptionsHandler clobbers IFDH service configuration. * Issue #4621: art::Ptr::isAvailable() unsafe to call.
    This function would throw if called before the referenced collection was added to the event. It is now safe to call. * Issue #4603: InputTag string parsing breaks for empty instance name.
    cet::split() suppresses empty fields. Used boost:split() instead. * Issue #4581: run subrun numbers not updating in new output file renaming feature.

Known issues:

  • Issue #4811: Missing operator != in Ptr<T>.
    Temporary workaround is to use ! (p1 == p2) instead.

messagefacility 1.10.26 (new version).

fhicl-cpp 2.17.12 (new version).

cetlib 1.03.25 (new version).

cpp0x 1.03.25 (new version).